Mastery Program~ Yoga Teacher Training
Modular Curriculum
Our Yoga Alliance® 200-hour yoga teacher training is grouped into five modules or kramas.  Krama is a sanskrit word meaning "sacred stage." Each module is a combination of workshop hours and homework assignments.  It is recommended that you move through the modules consecutively, but you can also take each module as stand-alone study. and then continue your training from there.
*Note: to receive a 200hr RYT certification, you must complete all 3 training modules and homework assignments, and all tuition must be paid.  
*workshops & trainings take place in Fannett, TX
Module 1--- Intro to Mind-Body Dynamics 
Workshop-  Anatomy & Asana 1-2: Mechanics of Movement
Workshop-  Ayurveda: Understanding the Science of Life 
Homework- Home Practice Journal & Asana Manual
Homework- 10 hours Practice Teaching

Summer 2018 Dates: July 14-15, July 21-22, Aug 4-5. 10a-5p Sat & Sun.
Module 2—The Art of Teaching
Workshop- Teaching Methodology: Observing, Cuing & Hands-on Adjustments
Workshop- Designing & Sequencing: Creating Efficient Classes
Workshop- The Heart of a Teacher: Evolving from Teacher to Leader 
Homework-Book Report & Lesson Plans

Fall 2018 Dates: Sept 8-9, Sept 15-16, Sept 29-30. 10a-5p Sat & Sun.
Module 3— Understanding Consciousness
Workshop-  Teaching Pranayama & Meditation: Linking Body, Breath & Mind
Workshop-  The Four Desires: Living Your Purpose
Workshop-  Yoga Psychology: Understainding Consciousness 
Homework- Yoga Sutras Paper & 21 Day Yoga Nidra Journal

Winter 2019 Dates: Jan 19-20, Jan 26-27, Feb 9-10. 10a-5p Sat & Sun.
FREE BONUS Module!—The Business of Yoga
Workshop-  Building Your Yoga Business: 3 Pillars of Success!
*Included when you enroll in all 3 modules. $250 value!
​Date TBD
Individual Module- $895
Individual Workshop- $395
All 3 Modules- $2,395 (Includes FREE BONUS Module!)
Certified Teachers: 5% discount
GTY Certified Teachers: 10% discount


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