​​2018 Events​​

6/9             Reiki Infused Yoga Nidra                                                                          Saturday 12-3p                                                                
7/14-15      Anatomy & Asana~Mechanics of Movement Part 1                            Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod1
7/ 21-22     Anatomy & Asana~Mechanics of Movement Part 2                            Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod1

8/4-5          Ayurveda: Yoga for Your Type                                                                  Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod1
9/8-9           Teaching Methodology:
                     Observing, Cuing & Hands-on Adjustments                                          Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod2

9/15-16       Designing & Sequencing: Creating Efficient Classes                             Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod2

9/29-30       The Heart of a Teacher: Evolving from Teacher to Leader                  Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod2

2019 Events
1/19-20       Teaching Pranayama & Meditation:
                     Linking Body, Breath & Mind                                                                    Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod3

1/26-27       The Four Desires: Living Your Purpose                                                   Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod3

2/9-10          Yoga Psychology:
                     Understanding Consiousness                                                                  Sat/Sun 10-5 YTT-Mod3

*Refund/Cancellation Policy: Due to the sold out nature of most events, late cancellations (less than 1 week before event date) will not be eligible for refund or future class credit.

See the Teacher Training Cirriculum Outline
See the Teacher Training Cirriculum Outline
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Meet Jessica
  1. Jessica Depew, JD, E-RYT 500, RT, CYT
    Jessica discovered yoga as an over-scheduled, over-worked law student. Amazed at how the practice alleviated the stresses of firm life and helped her achieve a much needed personal balance, she began to study more in depth. Shortly after, Jessica stepped away from practicing law altogether and founded Golden Triangle Yoga school in 2009.